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  The purpose of the Alerts is to provide critical information to caregivers in areas in which DODD has identified a risk to individuals’ health and welfare. The Alerts provides data, additional resources and guidance to the field on what can be done to avoid or minimize the risk. Ohio’s health and safety system is built on incident prevention, providing timely care when needed and appropriate reporting. These Alerts are one more step to keep our partners informed on the health and welfare challenges that individuals with disabilities face and what we can to help.
#29 - DNR
#31 -  Preventing the Flu – reissued 9/12
#32 -  Misappropriation-Theft – reissued 10/11
#35 - Pneumonia
#08   - FAQ’s – no longer active
#36 - Bathtub Drowning – reissued 12/11, 9/13
#37 – Hot Water Burns – reissued 1/13
#10   - ATMs
#38 – Exceeding Manufacturer’s Max. Recommended Dose
#13   - Bed Safety
#14  - Hotline #
#18   - Choking- reissued 4/13
#20   - Falls – reissued 4/12
#50 - Rewards Cards – reissued 3/12
#24   - Heart Disease
#52 – Winter Weather Alert – reissued 11/12
#55 – Medication Administration– reissued 7/11
The Ohio Department of DODD is offering a subscription service to alert people when new Information Notices and Alerts are published. The email Information Notice Alert will contain a copy of the new or updated Information Notice as well as a link to the department's archive of Information Notices on the Internet.
To Subscribe to Info. Notice, Click Here or send email to 


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