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What is imagine?






Imagine is a collaborative pilot project between 18 county boards of DD, the Mid East Ohio Regional Council (MEORC), the Ohio Department of DD and countless other individuals and partners. This project will transform the way the developmental disabilities system supports individuals with disabilities by bringing together person-centered thinking, person-centered systems and the technology that will be an important tool in collaborating with and empowering individuals, families and providers.


Although Coshocton DD has tried to be person-centered in its appraoch to supporting individuals with disabilities, the system requirements have often stood in the way. The imagine project allows Coshocton DD to work collaboratively with the region and the state to redesign the system so that it fully supports person-centered planning and principles. Everything from language to the way we approach future planning is changing for the better as a result of these efforts.


This sort of change will not happen over night, but countless hours of training, planning and testing have already been done to make this new system as efficient and as person-centered as possible. It is a project that has gained national attention as other states look to us as an example of how they might reform their own systems.


What imagine means to you:






For people that are recieving supports from Coshocton DD the changes will be gradual, but will make a positive impact on all areas of your support. The new system will:

  • Be more respectful of your privacy and will make a lot more common sense.
  • Use words that are easier to understand, avoid the 'alphabet soup' of acronyms we have used in the past.
  • No more asking the same 'assessment' questions over and over again.
  • It will help you balance the things you need to accomplish with things you actually want. No more meaningless goals that go on forever!
  • Your plan will be more flexible and able to change with your life.
  • Your supports will be more responsive. With the help of new technology, you and your team members will be able to add information and work together to shape your plan on an ongoing basis.
  • You will have a voice and will have more control over your life, your team and your supports
  • No more long and boring meeting each year! We will just talk to you - have conversations, and really get to know you.



imagine at Cosh DD





  The Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities was quite creative and developed their own recipe for their imagine journey.  Their creativity was displayed at the Gallery Walk on November 4, 2013, and got many compliments.  Take a look at the photos and recipe card below – take note of their ‘ingredients.’ 
  recipeCARD atGalleryWalk




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